House Painting – Interior House Painting Tips / Prep – Fix – Paint / Important Things To Know

This video is full of great house painting tips. We believe this will save you time, money and headaches. Master painter Jason Cinicolo shows the right way t…
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Interior Design ideas Decorating ideas and decorating tips from Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson who’s life as an Interior Designer is open for all to follow along. Interior Designer Rebecca…

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Drew Lawrence: Vedic Astrology vs Western Astrology – Medium

The difference between Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) and Western Astrology.

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Feng Shui Home Design

Feng Shui Home Design – Before you buy a house or apartment, make sure you understand the feng shui of the home first…
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Wall Street Interiors, Buy Stunning Bamboo Room Dividers from FurnitureInFashion

(PRWEB UK) 13 July 2013

FurnitureInFashion, a leading supplier of contemporary furniture in the UK, has achieved another milestone by the successful sale of its stunning Bamboo room dividers to Wall Street Interiors. FurnitureInFashion, manufacturer of high quality home and office furniture, offers an extensive range of Bamboo room dividers available in stunning and innovative designs at affordable prices. These room dividers are not only ideal for residential use but are excellent for commercial premises as well.

FurnitureInFashion currently supplies room dividers to many different clients in the UK and this sale to Wall Street Interiors is a testament to the consistent high quality offered by the company.

Room dividers are usually bought by interior designers and architects to divide a particular space into separate areas in homes and offices. The magnificent Bamboo room dividers bought by Wall Street Interiors are one of the best and most distinctive ways to create spaces. The room divider has a beautifully artistic finish, portraying flowering bamboo stalks over its three folding panels. The matchless combination of its gold and black surface makes this room divider a perfect way to beautify both home and office. This divider, which is available at a very affordable price, is 180cm high and 120cm long when fully open.

Wall Street Interiors is a UK company which has been based in Hertfordshire since 1998: the company offers interior design services to both residential and commercial clients. Wall Street Interiors is known for providing highly innovative home design solutions. A spokesperson of Wall Street Interiors commented on this deal, Wall Street Interiors is committed to providing original interior design solutions to all our customers.

Contemporary, modern home interior design is the trademarks of Wall Street Interiors. There has been significant increase in demand for modern designs by customers recently and this has led us to seek out innovative furniture suppliers. When it comes to innovation and contemporary style, no one beats FurnitureInFashion. They have built a convincing reputation. The Bamboo room dividers we bought from FurnitureInFashion are just what our company required. The subtle bamboo design and the beautiful contemporary combination of gold and black make these room dividers perfect for a wide range of interiors. The three panels of this bamboo room divider offer maximum flexibility when it comes to designing a home, creating a visual focal point or creating a private space. We are very happy with this deal and look forward to future collaboration with FurnitureInFashion.

The CEO and Managing Director of FurnitureInFashion said, We are thrilled to have been chosen by Wall Street Interiors as the supplier room dividers. It has been a dream of this company, FurnitureInFashion, to work with the leading names in interior design within the UK; Wall Street Interiors are certainly one of those. This transaction will add a lot of value to our overall client portfolio. Customers who are looking for a striking design in folding screens should have a look at our catalogue, as FurnitureInFashion offers the most extensive selection of high quality, exclusive designs in room dividers of anyone in the UK.

To have a look at quality affordable furniture online and to place a pre-stock order, please visit the company website today at The range of home and office furniture on the website is huge, delivery is fast, savings are massive, and quality is guaranteed.

About FurnitureInFashion

FurnitureInFashion is a UK-based online retail business. It supplies furniture from its German-based warehouse and has a showroom in Bolton, UK. The company provides everything from umbrella stands, wall art and room dividers, to bedroom suites, bar stools, and computer tables. FurnitureInFashion offers free delivery within the UK and is rightly proud of its excellent customer service. For further information and details about sales, please visit

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Know about 3rd House in Vedic Astrology

In this video Dr. Shanker Adawal is explaining that the impact of 3rd house in your horoscope as per Vedic astrology. Dr. Shanker Adawal Profile: www.connect…
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How to Make Your Room Guy-Friendly : Home Design Tips

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Just because a room…

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telugu astrologer reveals secrets of vedic astrology

people feels divorces/ separation happens due to kuja dosha/ savvai dosha/ angaraka dosham in horocope. but though kuja dosha do not exists in horoscope ; se…
Video Rating: 3 / 5 Vedic Astrology – Ashwini Nakshatra By Sam.
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Kareena Kapoor New Home interior design 3

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Interior Design Bubble Chair & Wohnprinz

Interior Design ideas as YouTubes most popular Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson meets European Home Decorating guru Wohnprinz in Hollywood after a great sho…
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Dhaka Decor~Interior Design In Dhaka Bangladesh # Bedroom Interior # Livingroom Interior # Kidsroom Interior # Kitchen Interior # Office Interior Design In …

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Custom Home Developer Creates Innovative Living Space within Oak Forest, TX Community

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

Stemming from citizens residing throughout much of Oak Forest, TX, there has recently been a noted spike in the request for more modern-looking homes within the Houston, TX real estate market. Alleanza Custom Homes, a local custom home builder, has set out to satiate the needs of this community outcry by erecting an innovative new living space which aesthetically strays away from many of the standard structures which populate the area. Operating slightly outside their comfort zone, Alleanza is about to successfully place the finishing touches on an unmistakable new home which exhibits a chicly modern sensibility.

Though the crew at Alleanza has historically specialized in the creation of classic Louisiana-style homes, they conceived of this particular undertaking to keep up with the evolving tastes of the booming Oak Forest, TX region. Initial logistical concerns were abundant, as building was scheduled to take place off of the consistently busy Ella Boulevard. Operations ultimately started to run smoothly, however, as the project became a real passion for all the staff involved.

Alleanza worked in close conjunction with a number of separate design consultants to provide their latest creation with the contemporary look and feel they were striving for. High quality marble floors and cabinets adorn much of the home interior, as well as a magnificent quartz and marble fire place, designed to tie the overarching design together. An advanced driveway was also installed, which actually spans the length of the entire structure, and provides drivers with simultaneous access to the front and back of the property.

Midway through the building process, a local Oak Forest family stepped into the fray and purchased the promising modern property. Alleanza technicians took all their specific concerns to heart en route to creating a finished product the new buyers could truly cherish. As final stages of construction are currently drawing to a close, the excited purchasing family is primed to move into their stylish new digs within the next couple of weeks. For more information regarding the architectural services of this flexible construction firm, visit the Alleanza homepage, or contact one of their representatives at:

Alleanza Custom Homes

Office Phone: (713) 898-7647

Mobile: (281) 667-5873

Email: info(at)alleanzacustomhomes(dot)com

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