Cal Poly Pomona Celebrates Grand Opening of New Recreation Center Designed by LPA Inc.

Pomona, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

The doors to the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Center at Cal Poly Pomona opened to students on Sep. 24, 2014, but recently, Bronco students, faculty and community members celebrated the official grand opening ceremony of the recreation center.

Designed by sustainable experts at LPA Inc.,120,000-square-foot, three-story recreation center has quickly become a central hub for student activity on campus. In just one week of opening, nearly half of the student body has registered to join the recreation facility.

Funded by student fees, the facility includes a three-court gymnasium, Multi-Activity-Court (MAC),16,000 square feet of weight and fitness space, five multi-purpose rooms for aerobics, martial arts, spinning and dance classes, a 51-foot rock climbing wallthe largest rock wall in the CSU system and on the western coastand a 6,500-square-foot pool with showers and lockers. The center also includes a Jamba Juice store for a healthy food and drink option for patrons.

The sustainable recreation center not only provides space for physical activityit will promote physical, mental and social health. Ozzie Tapia, a Cal Poly Pomona alumnus and LPA Project Designer said, This school has a place in my heart obviouslyits my alma mater. And for us to be able to give back in some wayits something very special.

The school is quickly finding that the recreation center is encouraging students to remain on campus longer, meet and mingle with peers and relieve stress in a healthy way.

The sustainable recreation center was voted on by the students, with 98 percent of incoming freshmen students voting in favor of building the facility and 75 percent of those students pledging to spend extra dollars in tuition fees in order to see the building become a reality.

Cora Culla, Executive Director of Associated Student Inc. (ASI), said, Our students have been really involved with the BRIC project. We worked with LPA on conducting presentations, designed shirts, we reviewed the decisions that we were making for the project with our student leaders and student staff. She added, Along the way the students were consulted and I think this really created a sense on their part that they felt invested in the project.

In addition to the many amenities that students requested, they also had high standards when it comes to the sustainable quotient of the building.

Since [the students] were actually paying for this facility, they were really clear in the fact that they wanted a facility that expressed their beliefs, and those beliefs included awareness of the environment and making sure that this facility is as sustainable as possible. Not only in construction but how the facility is run and how the systems that allow this facility to run, how those are designed to be able to be as efficient as possible, said Tapia.

The BRIC will feature sustainable design elements like high-performance stormwater management systems, cool roof systems and maximized access to daylighting to reduce the amount of energy needed, thermal displacement ventilation in large two-story gymnasium, mixed-mode naturally ventilated three-story lobby and passive solar protection via fritted glass fins and strategically located ribbon windows shaded by floor cantilevers above. The smaller sustainable features, but no less important, include the recycled materials or locally manufactured materials used on the project, low-flow plumbing fixtures, solar water-heating system for the pool and the landscape maintained with gray water. The facility is registered and on track to receive LEED Gold certification this fall.

The project is LPAs fourth student recreation center within the California State University (CSU) system, which includes Sonoma State University, Cal State East Bay and Cal State Northridge. Cal Poly Pomona now joins the roster of 14 CSU campuses that have a recreation center in operation or under construction.

The success of the new recreation center is evident by the amount of positive feedback from the students themselves. More than 11,000 studentsor about half of the schools eligible student populationhave already registered for BRIC membership. Culla added, [This is a] project led by students, funded by students and for the students this is a testament to what students are capable of doing for their campus and for the students who come here today and also for the students who are yet to come here at Cal Poly Pomona.

Project Address:

Cal Poly Pomona

3801 W. Temple Avenue

Pomona, CA 91768

About LPA, Inc.

Founded in 1965, LPA has more than 220 employees with offices in Irvine, Roseville, San Diego and San Jose, California and San Antonio, Texas. The firm provides services in architecture, sustainability, planning, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering, and graphics. There is no Sustainability Director, at LPA. Instead, more than 80 percent of the professionals are LEED accredited, including the Human Resources Director, CFO, and several other support staff. With extensive experience in public and private architecture, LPA designs a diversity of facilities that span from K-12 Schools, colleges and universities to corporate and civic establishments. More than 600 major design awards attest to LPAs commitment to design excellence. For more information, visit


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Hollywood Astrology W/ The Leo King: News Story Obama Ferguson Speech. Michael Brown Aug 18,19 2014

Hollywood Astrology W/ The Leo King: News Story Obama Ferguson Speech. Michael Brown Aug 18,19 2014

Hollywood Astrology With The Leo King:News Story Obama Ferguson Speech. Michael Brown Aug 18,19 2014 The Leo King covers the astrology news of Obama and the …
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Forbes Living to Feature Plan A Space

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

The producers of Forbes Living are excited to announce they are working on an upcoming segment Renovate, Redecorate, and Remodel as a part of their Home & Style series. The half-hour talk show is hosted by Forbes Riley, an author, entrepreneur, award-winning TV host in the D2C industry, and one of the nations leading health and wellness experts.

Plan A Space manufactures reusable, life-size footprints that replicate the size of sofas, tables, chairs, and so on, allowing you to plan the arrangement of furniture before you buy it. Pre-printed to standard dimensions of furniture, the user-friendly templates can be cut or folded to size, then placed on the floor of each room. Whether for a home, apartment, or office, Plan A Space offers kits for every room including Living Spaces, Sleeping Spaces, Dining Spaces, Office Spaces, Wall Spaces, Patio Spaces, Baby Spaces and Media Spaces.

I am very excited to share with Forbes and her fans our new contemporary design and space planning tool, said CEO of Plan A Space, Billy Niels. Plan A Space and Forbes Living will change the way you think about home design and furniture placement! For more information on Plan A Space, please visit

About Forbes Riley

Forbes Riley, recently named America’s Most Loved Health & Fitness Innovator, is known for bringing affordable, high-quality fitness, health, and household products to consumers worldwide. Recognized for her marketing prowess, Ms. Riley is famous for launching products that solve tough challenges and make everyday life easier. This includes some of the most successful product promotions of all time, including the Jack LaLanne Juicer. As the co-creator, co-executive producer, and host of Forbes Living, Ms. Riley motivates others by informing, educating, branding, and creating consumer awareness on a variety of products. Ms. Riley boasts a huge following on her website and on social media. She also has a regular presence on networks including ESPN, TLC, Fit-TV, Animal Planet, ABC Family, and Home Shopping Network.

About Forbes Living

The groundbreaking talk show combines the most highly recognized product spokeswoman with new and innovative products designed to engage viewers in a fun, informative, and entertaining fashion. Watch out for upcoming broadcasts on WE tv, Lifetime Real Women, the Esquire Network, FOX, ABC, and ION, as well as Regional News Networks. Join the interactive fun with Forbes Living TV on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. The show’s website provides a contact form that business owners can fill out to receive more information. The Forbes Living talk show is an FR Media, Inc. production.

About FR Media, Inc.

FR Media brings a superior track record of award-winning video and film background services including video and film, direct response television, commercial advertising and media planning and buying. Staffed with Emmy, Telly and Moxie award-winning staff members from the disciplines of television, DRTV, film, print, advertising and online media, FR Media studios are located in St. Petersburg, Florida. If you have a product you would like considered for the show, go to and fill out our Product Inquiry form.

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Home Interior Design Furniture

Home Interior Design Furniture

home interior design 2014 home interior design 2013 modern home interior design lighting decoration and furniture home interior design ideas interior design …

home interior design ideas kerala home interior design ideas india in hindi home interior design software free home interior design catalog ikea home interio…
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Ancient Starwatchers’ Temples Explored on Internet Radio Show Dead Astrologers Society

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

Keeping a watchful eye on the sky for celestial events, such as next week’s solar eclipse, was a central part of ancient life.

“Cultures from Babylon, India, Greece, England to Mesoamerican could predict eclipses well in advance,” explains A.T. Mann, an architect, astrologer, and author of numerous books, including Sacred Landscapes and Sacred Architecture. “To them, these were divine messages. Naturally their sacred spaces reflected these repeating cycles of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars.”

For many cultures, being attuned to the cycles of nature meant the difference between life and death.

“Early agricultural societies became intensely aware of timing of the seasons to manage their harvests,” said Mann. “They noticed the places where sun rose and set in the summer and winter. These points marked the four corners of the year, and they aligned their temples along this celestial pathway.”

“As humans moved into cities and away from agriculture, knowledge of seasons, such as planting by the phases of the moon to increase a harvest, was gradually lost,” Mann said. “The sky was so important to the ancients; it’s difficult to understand their architecture without understanding how they saw the sky.”

Mann will talk about the relationship between astrology, astronomy and architecture May 2 on the internet radio ensemble talk show the Dead Astrologers Society. The Dead Astrologers Society airs live Thursdays at 7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific on the ParaMania Radio Network. The show is also available on demand via iTunes.

“Our guests on the Dead Astrologers Society explore the myriad ways star wisdom has fired our imaginations over the centuries,” says Donna Woodwell, Austin, Texas, astrologer and host of Dead Astrologers Society.. “From the ancient Babylonians and Greeks, from China to Central America, from the Renaissance to today, we continue to look up in wonder, yearning for connection and meaning.”

ParaMania Radio was founded in 2011 by Jenny Stewart and David Erickson. “We wanted a place that offered diversity in a positive place for anyone who seeks knowledge of anything metaphysically based,” says Stewart. “Our motto has always been ‘Shining the light on the Paranormal’ and we’re pleased to see our vision made manifest.”


Change-catalyst Donna Woodwell lives in Austin, Texas. An astrologer, hypnotist and writer, she works with clients to creatively navigate life’s transitions. Owner of Four Moons Astrology, she serves on the board of the International Society for Astrological Research and as an instructor at Kepler College. Her blog La Vita Luna: Living Gracefully in a Changing World is featured on

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Categories: Astrology   Tags: , , , , , , , , , Has Introduced A Beginner’s Guide To Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary Interior Design

(PRWEB) October 31, 2014 the Online Home Improvement Store has made their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer. With that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced.

Designing a home for the first time can be a major challenge, no matter the size or shape. Especially for those who have little experience or knowledge about different types of home decor, even articulating taste can prove surprisingly difficult. has released a simple, introductory guide to the three broadest categories of interior design to help beginners to start talking style.

Traditional, transitional, and contemporary design are the three broadest categories of style, and though they certainly dont add up to an all-inclusive list, most other styles fall somewhere on this spectrum. On one end, traditional design is all about plush fabrics, ornate details, and intimate spaces. Contemporary design, also commonly called modern design, is the polar opposite, focusing on clean, glossy surfaces and wide open spaces. Transitional style falls in the middle ground, with simplified yet classic details and a more casual atmosphere.

HomeThangs.coms new guide takes a look at some of the specifics of each of these three styles, the similarities and differences between them, as well as what kinds of fixtures, features, and furnishings work best with each. Designed to help novices discover their own sense of style, this guide focuses on the overall feel of each of these design styles as well as the smaller details.

To read the full guide, complete with images, click here. is not only a home improvement superstore, it also provides expert design tips and a comprehensive shopping guide, taking the ideas from professional interior designers, and offering tips to the consumers on how to pick the products to best suit their needs.

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Leo Astrology December Horoscope 2014 tarotbyanisha

Leo Astrology, Monthly Horoscopes, Astrology Forecasts, Compatibility Reports, Love Horoscope, Career Horoscope and Tarot Guidance.

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Minecraft PE Interior Design Ep. 14 – Bedrooms

Yay the 14th episode of interior design is finally out! This ones on Bedrooms. Want to see a specific episode? Give me ideas below and you may even get a sho…
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Integrated Resources Group Helps Homeowners Dream Kitchen Come to Life

Brisbane, CA (PRWEB) October 28, 2014

When design and desire meet, the results can be truly spectacular. Such is the case with Alyssa Taubmans refined yet relaxed and most decidedly top-of-the-line new family eating area. A dream in the making for over 20 years, Taubman describes her recently-completed kitchen as well worth the wait.

When I planned this project, I took my time, researched literally every faucet and envisioned the kitchen down to the last detaileven the pot hangers are my own custom design from 22 years ago, said Taubman.

To begin, Taubman looked for a stone surface that would enhance the coloration of a favored sectional piece to be used in the family room seating area. She traveled to every stone supplier within a 50-mile radius looking for that perfect piece of quartzite. Then one trip to Integrated Resources Group, and there it was: IRGs Fascination Quartzite.

I walked in the door and was just thrilledthe perfect shade, the perfect large size, the perfect lookthat piece quickly became the centerpiece of the kitchen and the focal point of the project, said Taubman. The light green translucence is almost like looking into the ocean; it has become the natural place where guests gather and love to just stare deeply into the surface.

Although the slabs Taubman first spied in the Integrated Resources Group warehouse in Brisbane were already on hold for another client, IRG quickly ordered more from their second showroom in Dublin. Chosen for its food-grade durability as well as its beauty, Taubman then decided to use this quartzite for the backsplash and desktop as well.

Working with contractor Tomrose Construction and interior designer Rochelle Silberman, the project began taking shape beautifully. The LED lights above the island and counters were positioned to enhance the stone. Chairs were selected in the exact stone vein shade of tan. And even the hood design, cabinet and wall color decisions were made in consideration of the stone.

In the end, Taubman gave much of the credit to the extensive inventory and stellar quality of slabs at the Bay Areas own IRG. Integrated Resources Group sources exotics from India, Italy, Greece, Brazil and stocks more than 10,000 slabs consistently the largest inventory in the Bay Area in two exceptional warehouse/showroom locations.

Ive used IRG in the past and I will definitely go back again, said Taubman. And most likely first next time.

About the company:

Integrated Resources Group offers the largest selection of natural stone in the San Francisco Bay Area. The family-owned business started as a trading company in 1986 dealing in agricultural products, canned food, apparel and natural stone. With a growing reputation for its high-quality natural stone and excellent service, the company relocated the business to a vast warehouse and showroom in Brisbane, where they now carry more than 250 types of stone. The company opened a second showroom and warehouse in Dublin to service East Bay customers. Its products include stone, exotics, glass tile, engineered stone and more. For information on the products and services of Integrated Resources Group, the Bay Areas marble and granite company, call 415-657-0280, visit or come into either of their two locations.

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Gemini 2015 Year Ahead Horoscope | Vedic Astrology

For Personal Western or Vedic Readings, Questions, and more Information: Preview my latest ebook on love, compatibility and a…
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