Five Best Ways to Preserve Water in a Home : Interior Style

Five Best Ways to Preserve Water in a Home : Interior Style

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INTERIOR DESIGNS . . . . . . . . .Interior Design Ideas, Interior Designs, Home Design Ideas … Inspirational Interior Design Ideas …

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Libra November 2014 Astrology

Libra November 2014 Astrology Schedule Your Astrology Consultation Schedule Your Coaching Session Love and the…

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English cottage interior design ideas

English cottage interior design ideas.

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RESAIKI is the Leading Interior Designer for Homes and Offices across Delhi-NCR

New Delhi, India (PRWEB) October 11, 2014

RESAIKI is the ultimate word in stunning interiors for homes and offices across Delhi and NCR. It is a renowned interior designer firm which provides solutions for residential as well as commercial spaces across NCR including Gurgaon and Noida. The best part about hiring RESAIKI for the job is that you can get unparalleled luxury at very reasonable prices. Without compromising on either the quality or aesthetics of the work or the pricing, RESAIKI is the final word in luxury, elegance and classy settings which are as exquisite as they are affordable. With talented interior designers, architects and engineers on board, everything from interior designing and decoration to comprehensive turnkey solutions are offered by RESAIKI to clients at amazingly reasonable prices. Clients can opt for turnkey solutions, design consultancy or project management services from RESAIKI. Personalized and customized solutions for homes and offices are the specialty at RESAIKI.

An executive from this reputed company remarks, At RESAIKI, we have worked on several projects from state-of-the-art interior design and decoration to architectural and project management solutions. The important point is that we excel in all of them. Think of RESAIKI as your one stop solution for all your home and office needs. Our clients trust us because they know we are the best. We do not believe in making trade-offs between aesthetics and utilitarianism. For us, each is equally important. Our core values are professionalism, integrity and commitment to quality services that bring about customer satisfaction. Our matchless designs are timeless in their appeal and sophistication. From the project initiation to its implementation, we never forget to consider the client’s needs and requirements. Our basic purpose is to provide bespoke home and office solutions which can transform the space into a wonderful living and working accommodation. We put our client’s needs before everything else. That is why RESAIKI is ahead in the game and currently, the best interior designing and project management firm in Delhi, NCR.

Homes and offices as well as commercial spaces can look amazing after a talented interior designer has worked the perfect plan for them. At RESAIKI, interior designers are known for their talent and skill. They are the best of the lot because they possess not only the qualifications and the experience, but also the training and the innate talent which can explore the best possibilities for any residential, commercial or corporate space or setting. Following the preliminary client meeting, interior designers from RESAIKI make every effort to understand the customer’s tastes and requirements through interactions. After this, a proposal is presented to the client of the 2D draft design plan. The plan is assessed by the client and it meets all the requisite criteria such as functionality, affordability and aesthetically pleasing settings which can bring cheer to their residents. Finally a 3D plan is provided so clients can conceive exactly how the design plan will translate into reality. The effort is on to make settings visually appealing as well as utilitarian. At every stage of the implementation process, the interior designers work on making the settings as refined and elegant as can be.

The executive continues, RESAIKI is the best in the business for architectural solutions as well. Clients can go through everything from conceptualization to completion secure in the knowledge that trained professionals from this well established firm are keeping their needs and requirements in mind. Innovation and uniqueness characterize the designs and architectural solutions put forth by the talented personnel at RESAIKI. Project Management Consultancy or PMC is another area of expertise for this reputed company. We work with the EPC contractors to ensure that clients can get exactly what they want regardless of whether it is an apartment or a bungalow. No job is too small for us and our dedicated and talented teams of professionals make sure they look into even the smallest details before executing the plan. Our buildings and projects also meet the most stringent safety and environmental standards. In short, there is no aspect of the project that we overlook. This is why we are the best in the business.

RESAIKI is also accomplished at providing turnkey solutions from the start to the finish. Form, functionality and excellent designs are what distinguishes this company and makes it the best among interior designers in Delhi, NCR. Other firms just do the job. RESAIKI creates impressions for a lifetime with care and attention to even the smallest details. For those who want to enter a world of refinement, class, sophistication and elegance, RESAIKI is the pathway to success. Innovative residential as well as commercial designs and layouts are aimed at providing modern, trendy and the young at heart the perfect settings in which to enjoy their work and stay. Meaningful and elaborate designs that capture the essence of the client’s needs as well as his or her personal or signature style are the top benefits of hiring RESAIKI for the project. With their promise to provide workplaces and homes that breathe elegance and class, RESAIKI is the first and only choice for clients who will not settle for anything other than the best.


RESAIKI is an established interior design and architectural design firm with repute and flair for transforming commercial and residential spaces into magical plus utilitarian settings. Founded in 2010 by the talented and versatile Nikhil Aggarwal and Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal, this firm specializes in a diverse range of services such as project management consultancy, design consultancy and turnkey solutions. With an impressive repertoire and range of completed projects in residential as well as commercial categories, RESAIKI is the best choice for clients who want home or office interior designers in Delhi, NCR who can create enthralling and enchanting homes and workplaces that are the epitome of luxury and style, with verve that is impossible to replicate. Catering to the corporate, residential, retail and hospitality industry in India as well as international settings, RESAIKI is the best in the business because it has always worked to provide quality interior design and architectural solutions for all its clients.


RESAIKI – Interiors & Architecture

Head Office:

No. 1B-072, GC Grand, Plot No. 2 C Vaibhav Khand,

Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Uttar Pradesh – 201014

Ph: +91-9990988831

Branch Office:

2 Kalkaji Road

Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Near Kalkaji Metro Station

Okhla Ph-3

New Delhi – 110020

Ph: +91-9990988893


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2009 home interior design trends round-up

Interior Complex 2009 round-up of modern interior design trends.
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Interior Design Ideas – How to Decorate a Beautiful Home

INSTAGRAM: rebeccarobeson Interior Design, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson introduces you to a shortened version of one of her most popular Interior Design…

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Vedic Astrology – Revati Nakshatra Vedic Astrology – Revati Nakshatra By Sam.
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analysis of spiritual yogas in the chart. seek more?
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Designer Printed Candle Home Interior Design Video

Quality Emma Janeway decorative Candles from ART CANDLES UK, the company which also provides COLLUMINO brand candles. CALL +44 1133 280 803 today for …

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Gem Wear KeyPoints: First Ever Effective Info/Blog/News Reader for Android Wear Smart Watches

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) October 09, 2014 Corporation has developed propriety software that makes news and trending stories more straightforward so that readers can learn important information at a glance. A new app, Gem Wear KeyPoints, was designed specifically for Android Wear smart watches, such as the Moto 360 by Google and the Samsung Gear Live. It is now available for smart watches and smartphones on Google Play.

Keeping up with current events can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Corporation attempts to simplify the copious amounts of information found in blogs and in the news into neat little gems, allowing the reader to be informed of the most important and relevant topics. The new software created by the company uses an innovative processing technique, in which the software views all content then presents key points to its users. The corporation is the first to offer this type of app for Android Wear smart watch users.

Users of Gem Wear KeyPoints have the opportunity to get the latest news and trends through their smart device, such as a smart watch, and receive updates every thirty minutes that include new gems. Each gem is comprised of a title, the news key points, and three fundamental sentences, giving the reader an idea of the original content at a glance. Information from across the globe can be easily compared in this simplified format. Software users are able to share and organize news and interest stories easily. Individuals can customize their account in order to receive only the information that they are interested in. Depending on the users interests, the app may display updates on a variety of topics including sports, technology, finance, arts, interior design, political news, entrepreneurship, etc.

Steve X Chen, the founder and CEO of Corporation, foresees many valuable uses for the new software beyond news displays. Businesses may be able to use the software to showcase their content into gems, which would give potential clients a glance at their work. The new software can be downloaded at

About Corporation: Corporations founder, Steve Chen, wants to simplify news stories for the public. Short, relevant, and up-to-date news stories can be found on the companys website at Individuals or businesses can sign up for a user account through the website to start receiving gems. Android users may also purchase the new app at Google Play.

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